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Women Who Build Empires

Nov 8, 2019

Elizabeth Menzel serves as a healing mentor, speaker, best-selling author, and total neuroscience geek. She is dedicated to teaching women how to use their neurobiology to overcome the long-term effects of trauma. Her personal and professional journey of healing has proven what it takes to go from feeling depressed, exhausted, tense, and worthless to happy, energized, and worthy.  


Listen in to this episode as she talks about steps to healing where you release physical and emotional pain so you can reclaim your power, self-worth, and confidence. Discover the simple but powerful techniques and get the stress all out from your system and get back to your core again. 



  • How to be more satisfied with yourself  
  • What is the pivotal point for Elizabeth to turn her life around 
  • Learn about the 5-step to self-healing 
  • The self-healing power of breathing 
  • How proper breathing can amplify your leadership style 

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