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Women Who Build Empires

Dec 13, 2022

Tania Trozzo is a romance author born in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA where she now lives with her three amazing kids and husband.

She has 15+ years of retail and sales experience in luxury goods. After her father became ill, she decided to give a voice to the characters and stories that were in her head and has written 4 books so far, one of which was translated and traditionally published in Italy.  

In this podcast takeover episode, Tania, a friend, and colleague of Emi, took over the mic and asked Emi about the topic “How to stop failing at your goals.”  Emi explains why reinventing yourself and having a growth mindset will help you progress toward your goals. If you're constantly missing the mark, maybe it's time to start thinking outside of the box, and you definitely want to listen to this exciting episode!

[00:01 - 05:58] Opening Segment

  • Talks about a little background of the guest Tania Spensierato. How she started writing her bestselling romance novel.
  • Tania started to interview Emi with a little background of herself.

[05:59 - 20:38] Recreate When Things Aren’t Constantly Working

  • Emi answers the question from Tania about how she describes her path to evolution.
  • She shares how she constantly changes and finds her true path.
  • She also explains why her biggest regret is being consistent.
  • Creating a planner makes Emi consistent and system-oriented.

[20:39 - 33:54] Women As Leaders

  • Emi talks about her favorite female entrepreneur due to her messaging resonates with her.
  • She talks about a company that has honored women in all aspects.
  • She emphasized the value of women and that they have to step up as a leader.

[33:56 - 46:15] “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” - Dalai Lama

  • Emi shares her favorite quote from Dalai Lama, “The point of life is happiness.”
  • Sometimes we just need to ask, and you'd be surprised.

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Tweetable Quotes

“I think the more we step into our leadership as women, that we are really powerful and can create change. Because let's face it, ladies, like when something really needs to get done, we're the ones in the background making it happen.” - Emi Kirschner

“Like the thing I see consistently with women is they don't believe that they're leaders and they don't believe that their CEOs, and having that mind shift is huge, right? - Emi Kirschner

“Women do things differently. We build things differently, and it's time for us to step into that power and to stop trying to live our lives through a male dominated society.” - Emi Kirschner


“You're, you're not fully centered in who you are until you can really appreciate being alone with yourself for long periods of time.”  - Emi Kirschner


“And I just, whenever things aren't working for me in a way that I know doesn't serve or suit me, I recreate myself, or I change the situation to serve me better. Essentially, you better fit your needs. And I'm not afraid of creating solutions that are out of the box.” - Emi Kirschner