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Women Who Build Empires

Apr 5, 2022

Today’s guest is Barbara Dalle Pezze, Ph.D.  Barbara is an internationally recognized leadership coach, facilitator, and author distinguished by her capacity to inspire and empower, and by her unique ability to connect and tune in with people from highly diverse cultures and backgrounds.


With over 18 years of global experience living and working in China, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Europe, and The U.S., Barbara partners with global leaders, entrepreneurs, C-Suite Executives, and members of family-owned businesses, to help them make key paradigm shifts and breakthroughs so that they can effectively create large scale changes in society and the world.


Let’s tune in to her story!


[00:01 - 08:18] Opening Segment


  • Get to know my guest Barbara Dalle Pezze, Ph.D.
  • Barbara’s passion for people and diversity
  • Leaving Germany and Living a New Chapter


[08:19 - 17:33] Traveling and Living in Different Cultures 


  • Barbara shares what she has learned from the countries she has been to
  • Communication Gymnastics
    • Dealing with language barriers
    • Finding common grounds with her peers
  • The impact of traveling on Barbara’s life


[17:34 - 29:08] Developing Your Leadership Style Through Communication


  • Build bridges, close gaps, and connect with people
  • Barbara talks about her book that speaks from the future, The Unexpected Gift
  • Helping clients make paradigm shifts


[29:09 - 35:03] Closing Segment


  • Inner engines and energy generators
  • Feel the commitment and connect with your core


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Tweetable Quotes


“I chose to be questioned by diversity. And that was amazing for me because it allowed me really to discover more about me.” - Barbara Dalle Pezze, Ph.D.


“Traveling, for me, was living in different cultures.” - Barbara Dalle Pezze, Ph.D.


“You need to stop focusing on the outside results and you need to take care of your own inner engine.” - Barbara Dalle Pezze, Ph.D.