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Women Who Build Empires

Nov 22, 2022

Amy Anderson is the Co-founder of Wild Coffee Marketing; Amy shares her story of starting her own marketing company. She describes how she found her niche in strategy in strategic branding and positioning and advises her clients to start with defining their market segment and building a foundation from there.

In this episode, Amy talks about the challenges of balancing work and parenting. She shares that she had to learn to accept that she wasn’t an “amazing parent” and that she instead shifted her mindset to focus on her children’s independence and success. She shares that she has designed her day around her children, fostering a lot of independence in them.

[00:01 - 05:44] Opening Segment

  • Amy shares her almost 30 years of marketing experience working with brands like Calvin Klein, New York Times Digital, etc.
  • She helps shape the brands that she and her team work with by implementing innovative marketing strategies that helps them stand out uniquely in their industry  

[05:45 - 23:33] Creating A Culture Of Kindness And Compassion

  • She believes that a company’s marketing strategy should be based on four pillars, namely:
    • Positioning
    • Value
    • Market Segmentation
    • Campaign Planning
  • She discusses her philosophy on human resources and how she approached developing her team


  • She stresses the importance of creating a culture of kindness and compassion



[23:34 - 34:18] The Importance of Team Meetings In Cultivating A Positive Culture

  • She discusses the resignation of several employees from her company, which she attributes to the employees’ desire for better work-life balance and less exhaustion
  • She notes that women are leading more businesses than ever before, but these businesses often lack the flexibility to meet the needs of their employees
  • She uses team meetings to foster better communication and collaboration between her team members
  • Team meetings are important for cultivating a positive culture within the company
  • Amy encourages her team to focus on the positive

[34:19 - 39:08] Closing Segment


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Tweetable Quotes

“My mission is to transform the way in-house teams and marketing teams are built for companies and to run an in-house team in this environment.” -  Amy Anderson

“I have really tried to foster, a culture of kindness and compassion. And when you say they're human beings, absolutely. I say it all the time. They're not workers, they're not employees, they're humans who have taken a chance on my business partner and me and this company. And I feel really honored that they're. So, I treat that with a lot of care. you know, I think compassion comes in the form of clarity.” – Amy Anderson

“I hope that leaders are more open to hearing what the needs are, because I think inherently, we want to meet the needs of others.” - Amy Anderson