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Women Who Build Empires

Sep 13, 2022

Ali Grovue is a Senior Consultant at Ignite Management Services. She is an expert in organizational strategy and leadership development having served in a range of leadership roles, including Chief Operating Officer of a clean-tech company, Executive Director of a non-profit association, and Officer in the Royal Canadian Navy. Ali earned a degree with honors in organizational behaviour from the University of British Columbia and has completed Leadership Coaching training at Harvard University. 


[00:01 - 08:43] Opening Segment

  • Ali Grovue is a senior consultant at ignite management and describes herself as the go-to person for insight and honest assessment and inspiration.
  • Ali shares her background and interests


[08:44 - 16:28] 10-Year Veteran Joins Small Business Consulting Firm

  • After graduating from university, Ali was drawn to the idea of working in intelligence and military, but ignored it for many years before joining the Navy in her early 30s
  • After 10 weeks of basic training, she was stationed in Eastern Canada and had ongoing training thereafter
  • Ali left the Navy after 9-10 months due to burnout, but still considers herself an officer in the Navy. She believes that the principles of leadership she learned in the military are applicable to business.


[16:28 - 24:02] How to Balance Consensus Building and Decision Making

  • The key to being a successful leader is finding a balance between following well and seeking input from team members.
  • It can be hard to implement knowing your role and being good at it, while still maintaining a collaborative environment.
  • Leaders need to develop discipline in order to successfully lead teams.


[24:03 - 32:04] Resilient Leadership

  • The 6 Habits of Resilient Leadership
  • How to Develop Self-Discipline in Order to be a Better Leader
  • Creativity: A Disciplined Approach to Your Art


[32:04 - 39:42] How a Leader's Focus on Wellbeing Inspires Others

  • One way leaders can help their people recharge is by doing self-reflection from a personal growth perspective.
  • Leadership and entrepreneurship can be hard, and days will come where you say "this isn't worth it." You need an answer for what your purpose is in order to stay motivated.
  • Having a strong purpose inspires leaders to work on themselves and their team, which has a positive impact on the


[39:43 - 43:44] Closing Segment

  • Spend time reflecting on why you want a role or promotion, and what it means to you
  • Understand what good leadership looks like and try to get a holistic understanding of it
  • Connect with yourself on why you want the role or promotion, and what it means to you
  • Be self-aware and intentional about your energy and how you show up in every interaction


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"Being a good leader is learning to be a good follower and why that's important." - Ali Grovue


"Broaden your perspective of what leadership is and try to get a a holistic understanding of that." - Ali Grovue