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Women Who Build Empires

Dec 20, 2022

Amanda is the CEO of Chet Holmes International (CHI), a company that has assisted over 200,000 businesses to grow over the last 25 years. She is the daughter of renowned sales expert Chet Holmes, and she inherited the business at 24 years old after her father unexpectedly passed away. Amanda has since doubled CHI’s clients in the last 2 years in a row.


In this episode, Amanda shares her journey as a young leader and how she builds credibility and authority in her company left by his father.  Listen in as she emphasizes the importance of building a community and relationships to grow in business.

[00:01 - 11:52] Opening Segment

  • Amanda shares her experiences as she goes along with her passion for making her book spectacular.
  • She also shares a bit of a story about her dad and how they revised some pages of his book.


[11:53 - 17:30]   “Sales Bible Of All Sales Bible”

  • Some business strategies that Amanda did when the book was launched resulted in a sold-out book.
  • Amanda talks about what education-based marketing is.
  • She also shares her standpoint on content marketing today.


[17:31 - 28:37] Amanda As a Young Leader

  • The innovation Amanda did when she first steps as a CEO
  • She shares the story of her struggle to be a leader in a company left by her deceased father.
  • She advises all women entrepreneurs.


[28:38 - 39:33] Closing Segment

  • The things Amanda are recently innovating
  • Community and people being together physically is important
  • What’s next for Amanda?


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Tweetable Quotes

“At first, it was trying to prove myself, and in trying to prove me, that means that I have to push everyone else down, right? Like I'm trying to climb to the top to be number one. And then, over time, I started to realize, well, it's not the Amanda show.  It's the Amanda show, and I'm just recreating the same thing that was with my father. You know, I want this to be a community of people that are like-minded.” - Amanda Holmes


“I find that having a unique perspective is my strength, so to know. That what makes you different is your, what makes you shine. And to lean into that.” - Amanda Holmes


“I've realized, wow, so many more people, especially leaders of organizations, could really use this way of living and being to help them get into balance with themselves. It just feels like so many people need a reset right now. So my goal is to acquire a thousand acres. - Amanda Holmes