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Women Who Build Empires

Dec 6, 2022

FRANK O’CONNELL is the author of JUMP FIRST, THINK FAST. His accomplishments include serving as president of Reebok Brands, president of HBO Video, CEO of Indian Motorcycle, and chairman and CEO of Gibson Greetings, Inc. He spent the first fourteen years of his career developing well-known brands at Arnold Bakery, Mattel, Carnation Company, and Hunt Wesson foods, among other brands in the baking and natural foods industry.

In this episode, Frank shares his story of how he got to be successful through the process of taking risks, doing the unexpected, and accepting failures. His unique blend of entertaining stories and proven methods on how to lead in a fast-growing world makes his book called, “Jump First, Think Fast” a must-read for any entrepreneur or a business owner. If you want to make your mark right now and make an impact, don't miss this powerful episode!

[00:01 - 05:04] Opening Segment

  • Frank started to explain what made him decide to write a book.
  • He also shares his various jobs, which have given him a wide range of knowledge and experiences.
  • How taking risks and considering failure is so important in order to grow and move forward.

[05:05 - 22:54] Jumping First In Order To Grow

  • Frank shares how he started to grow and span his career despite being raised on a farm.
  • Frank explains the meaning of his book's title, "Jump First, Think Fast," and how it means to take risks and to have confidence in yourself.


[22:55 - 29:00] Build Community And Collaboration

  • Frank enumerated his own process when he was going to a new company.
  • Establishing a personal relationship is important.
  • His mantra is “be fun, have fun,” which he always instills in his organization.


[29:01 - 46:32]


  • He describes the transitions in moving from one place to another due to his business ventures.
  • Understanding the importance of a strategic plan


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Tweetable Quotes


“You may not be creative, but can you recognize a great creative idea. It's as important to be able to recognize it as it is to create it.” - Frank O’Connell


“I try to create an environment where my employees are not afraid of failure because if they're not, they're not gonna be. Thinking they're not gonna be stretching their thinking and we're not gonna be, you know, we're not gonna be growing.” - Frank O’Connell


“And in many situations, you can't really predict what the outcome is going to be. I don't care how hard you study it. You know how much data you get, you can't predict exactly what that outcome is.”  - Frank O’Connell