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Women Who Build Empires

Jan 28, 2022

My incredibly dynamic, powerhouse guest today, Leslie Short has an extraordinary 4-decade career that started performing internationally as a ballerina.  She started her first business, J. Men’s Tokyo as a theater show in Japan She was the COO of the Shark Group and is currently the Founder, President & CEO, of The CavuGroup focus on Diversity & Inclusion in an effort to create new solutions to old and new issues. She firmly believes that issues don’t go away because programs are in place but by continually evolving and having a channel to listen and understand the people who are our greatest assets. Leslie is also the author of Expand Beyond Your Current Culture. 


Let’s tune in to her story!


[00:01 - 10:35] Opening Segment


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  • Get to know my guest Leslie Short
  • Classical ballet at the age of 7 and saying there’s more than dancing
  • Leslie tells her story of finding the foundation to achieve the conversation about diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Leslie’s return from Japan


[10:36 - 29:27] Accepting and Embracing Differences


  • Where are things going?  What should happen
  • Get in the Room
  • The importance of getting a conversation with yourself
  • If you don’t push yourself, who will?
  • The Diversity of Thought
  • How to Get that Conversation Going
  • It’s not a trend: Embrace Diversity Inclusion
  • Nothing about us without us
  • Segregation within inclusion
  • Building an Inclusive Understanding Culture of Awareness
  • Humans, not merely numbers
  • The questions have to be shifted
  • Take a step back and address the barriers
  • What’s wrong with surveys? 
  • Accountability and Respectability


[29:28 - 36:51] Closing Segment


  • Final words
  • Connect with my guest, Leslie in the links below

Tweetable Quotes


“Get in the room, get in the house, get in the building, and then show what you have.” – Leslie Short


“You have to have a conversation with yourself. And you have to be honest with yourself.” – Leslie Short


“If you're going to bring in people that do not look like you, sound like you, will walk like you, you must build an inclusive understanding culture of awareness.” – Leslie Short




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