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Women Who Build Empires

Oct 11, 2022

Linda Babulic is the premier coach for women executives, bringing them the courage to work with their innate feminine strength. Linda is passionate about lighting the inner fire of heart to heart connection.

In 2013 Linda went on a Shamanic Vision quest to let go of beliefs that don't serve her. She released fear and stepped into courage to lead her life.

Knowing your values and having them guide you.

Holding your power and not giving it away.

She interprets these ancient teachings for today's world.




[00:01 - 14:06] Opening Segment

  • Linda shares how she works with women to help achieve success 
  • It begins with asking the right questions to find out just what experiences they are seeking
  • Helping clients figure out what values matter most to them
  • Letting go of emotions that don't serve us but depletes us 
  • Seeing a shift of more women stepping into leadership roles


[14:07 - 19:38] Insights towards Meditation 

  • Having an aunt charged with practicing witchcraft without a license 
  • Aligning the mind to the heart
  • Practicing the six days of meditation by Vishen Lakhiani



[19:39 -32:47] Defining Freedom 

  • Women define freedom differently
  • Having a shift of young men stepping in to take responsibility for parenting roles
  • Having freedom physically
  • Linda shares how she used to have her own stage show 
  • It’s women's role to change the world and make it a better place


[32:48 -39:06] Inspiration to Write Books 

  • Started by doing workshops on various topics
  • Seeing women inspired at workshops led her to pursue write her book
  • Linda’s first book has become a bestseller 


[39:07 - 47:58] Closing Segment

  • Linda shares about her shamanic journey
  • Teaching about Sacred Moon Circles
  • It’s our responsibility to heal ourselves 




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Tweetable Quote


We need to establish those good patterns into our lives. And often we have a pattern that we don't even realize we have.And it's not serving us until it causes the catastrophe.” -  Linda Babulic


“ I think it's the women's role to change the world and let's make the world a better place.

And we don't do that by gossiping, complaining, whining, that's all negative energy and we need to all bring our vibration right up to the higher level.” - Linda Babulic