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Women Who Build Empires

Sep 20, 2022

Dianna Leeder, CPCC is a Canadian author, podcaster, and owner of Crave More Life Coaching. An intuitive coach and expert at helping people find and confidently use their voices, she believes the time of silencing women’s voices is over and through her Find Your Voice Healer Certification, and the Find Your Voice, Save Your Life book series, offers a platform for healing and living out loud. Join Dianna at and in her Facebook groups Find Your Voice Women and Transcendent Men.


[00:01 - 08:43] Opening Segment

  • Dianna shares how she lost her own voice on her mission to help other women discover theirs.
  • Dianna had a universal knock on the head moment that taught her that she had so much more to learn about herself.
  • Learning to prioritize oneself without neglecting other facets of ourselves
  • Finding one's place in life after motherhood and making the most of the opportunities this new phase of life offers


[08:44- 22:47]Our Voice Empowers Us 

  • Women who are empowered by their voices and use them effectively have the capacity to change the world 
  • Regaining one's voice requires taking responsibility for one's experiences
  • Discovering one's own voice by first discovering who one truly is
  • Understanding and honoring one's core values can help guide decisions in life
  • Men struggle to find their voice because they are trained to be distinct from women and not to be vulnerable


[22:48- 25:41] Finding Freedom by Sharing Our Stories

  • Providing a platform of healing for authors
  • Experiencing a sense of freedom when writing about our history and our stories
  • Helping those who struggle to be heard or who do not have a voice by sharing their stories through our books


[25:52- 38:12] Closing Segment

  • Give yourself permission to ask for help when you need it helps you make better life decisions
  • Dianna shares how she is able to get help in her mission through her books and through inviting holistic healers to assist in her certification courses
  • Dianna’s goal is to help improve others lives by sharing what she knows through holistic healing 
  • Taking responsibility of ourselves helps make us stronger as an individual


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Tweetable Quotes

“How we can show up for ourselves and how we can show up as ourselves, instead of the wife or the daughter, or the friend, we need to know what our wholeness is and show up as that person in order to have the really great relationships.” - Dianna Leeder


“Finding your voice for me is not about speaking the words, it's just expressing exactly who we are.” - Dianna Leeder


“Ask for help when you need it, be creative in how you can get it, and know that, if you are self-aligned, your decisions will become a lot easier. You'll know what feels right compared to what doesn't feel right.” - Dianna Leeder