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Women Who Build Empires

Apr 9, 2021

Founder of Market Me, Mike Moll’s journey into entrepreneurship is a bit unconventional. After deciding college and later his high-paying corporate job wasn’t for him, Mike trusted his gut and started his own business. His ability to adapt to any circumstance is what gave him the ability to shift gears during Covid and align his business so that he could continue to help his clients grow their businesses with a unique lead-generating video strategy. 

Enjoy listening!


  • What is Mike's secret sauce for success in business?
  • Who does Mike love to work with? Who are his ideal clients?
  • How was Mike able to grow his business? (...What is his background?)
  • Even with the fear, what was it that allowed Mike to take the path of the unknown? What is his motivation?
  • What's next for Mike Moll in his entrepreneurial journey?
  • The video strategy that Mike Moll uses which he highly recommends. (...Why does it work?)
  • The 3-Part Lead Generation Mini-Course (...The course that will give you actionable items to start generating leads online)
  • What is the biggest learning experience Mike had after having pivoted many times?


Free 3-Part Lead Generation Mini-Course


"For me, personality fit is the biggest piece of it beyond the business, or the person being a dream client." - Mike Moll

"When you feel emotionally bound to a client whether it is a marketing agency client or a coaching client, your motivation to like make sure they crash it, is that much higher coz you like them." - Mike Moll

"I like it when the results mean something more, I am more motivated." - Mike Moll

"I was a horrible employee because I always thought I was right."- Mike Moll 

"A true entrepreneur is a problem solver that just works outside the box, for me." - Emi Kirschner

"I discovered that not only was I not the best at doing everything, that it was actually  hurting us tremendously for me the bottleneck and the one who was driving every piece."- Mike Moll

"There is no business unless you are talking to people and having money coming to the door." - Emi Kirschner

"People like connecting with people. Most of the way that people are communicating these days is not the same as you would talk to a person." - Mike Moll







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